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Confirmed: Flaim Data Accumulation Trick (1.5GB at least)

flaim data trick
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Some months ago Flaim was revealed which 500-750MB was dished out to users but lately 75MB for new users. Honestly, 75MB on a smartphone won’t do anything, notifications are enough to consume the data that’s why I bring to you the flaim data trick which works flawlessly.

I have come up with a method you can use to accumulate up to 1.5GB on a daily basis. Yes, you saw that well, awesome right? What makes this more interesting is that you don’t have to use VPN apps or involve in tweaking.

Flaim is a messaging app developed in Nigeria. The purpose of this data been dished out is to give free access to users on a daily basis. But the data can be used on every other app on your phone; not limited to only flaim app.

Although it only works for MTN and Airtel users at the moment (selected SIMs). Try it out and you should get at least 75MB. You can share your data via MTN data share or via mobile hotspot with your friends so they too can have access to the internet fro, your free data; hopefully, they don’t turn you into a data/hotspot chief.

flaim data trick

So quickly below are the details and requirement for the Flaim trick


  1. Your Smartphone
  2. Your MTN or Airtel SIM which receives OTP and the data
  3. Strong Network coverage for enjoyable free browsing

How to Get Unlimited Data on Flaim

  1. Install the Flaim app downloaded.
  2. Launch it and input your phone number
  3. An OTP will be sent to your phone, now use this OTP to verify the number is yours
  4. Once that is done, a place for Names will appear, don’t fill it. Wait for 75MB message (N100)
  5. Once you see that, press back
  6. Input your number again, wait for OTP, insert OTP, receive data and press back
  7. Carry that on and on. If you stop receiving the data at any point, clear app data and cache and try again till it gets to 1.5GB which I think is the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does the Data Last?

Actually it lasts for just a day because it is a daily plan, so you can just consume it and try to carry out the same process above the following day. Like I mentioned earlier, it works best on MTN SIM cards and slightly for Airtel SIMs.

Will by Airtime be Removed Later?

No, Flaim sponsors everything so you have no worries about MTN removing your airtime or whatsoever later. It is safe according

What if it Doesn’t Work ?

Try out another phone number, until it works. Or use cloning apps such as Parallel space or Dual Space.

Does Flaim Know About This?

Honestly, I have not a single idea about this.


As you can see you too can get unlimited data from flaim even without checking for cracked flaim apk files. It works just so easily. Do well to share with your friends, they will definitely appreciate it.


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