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TLS Tunnel Config File (.tls) for 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat

9mobile tls tunnel config
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For those that are rocking the 9Mobile 2.5GB Socialpak free browsing with HTTP Injector, there is a new app that works just fine especially for those experiencing hitches with the normal HTTP Injector; TLS Tunnel 9mobile Config is now accessible.

At the moment, this is the only free browsing in Nigeria and it is confirmed to work well. What makes the 9Mobile Social Pak cheat more interesting is that it lasts for one month. That’s enjoying more value for your money due to the cost of internet subscription in this part of the world.

So I recommend you grab this with your hands and utilize it if you use 9Mobile or will love to enjoy more value for your money. 9Mobile data plans are not really cool compared to the likes of Glo or Airtel who offer better data subscriptions.

9Mobile SocialPak TLS VPN Config/Setting

If you have been encountering issues with HTTP Injector or will love to try out something new, then you can check this out. The app interface is great and very easy to use. The size is considerate and should consume your device RAM/storage when in-use.

With the settings which will be provided, you will get access to 9mobile free browsing. I will provide every step you need to carry out to make sure this works for you. No need for worries, there’s no need for setting because of the technicalities involved, you may  get tired; so a config file will be made available as you read on.

Download 9Mobile TLS Tunnel Config

We recommend, you utilize the 2GB config file first before you make use of the 500MB config file. When connected, you should be browsing at maximum speed without any issues. TLS VPN for 9Mobile cheat doesn’t crash and lite.


  1. Your Android Phone
  2. 9Mobile SIM and strong internet connection

Download TLS VPN

After downloading the above files, it doesn’t work immediately even if you know how to import unless you have a detailed understanding on how to make this work.

How to Activate 9Mobile Free Browsing

  1. Get N350 Airtime and Recharge
  2. On your phonebook, dial *200*3*3*2*3#to subscribe to 9mobile social media monthly plan. Make sure it is not on auto renewal (One-Off)
  3. Then dial *228# to confirm subscription status and check your 500Mb balance. Note that the 2GB is a hidden data which can only be activated with TLS Tunnel VPN.
  4. Next, download the 9mobile SocialPak 2GB and 9mobile 500MB updated .tls config files from the download links above.
  5. Proceed to TLS Tunnel VPN main page for Config validity after importing a file, (read further to know how to import tls config files).

How to Import TLS VPN .tls Config File

  1. After launching TLS VPN Tunnel, tab on the menu tab on the top right of your screen
  2. Click on Import/Export
  3. Now browse through your files and select Social Pak Config File
  4. Hit the START button

This may take 5-10 seconds to connect, you have to be patient. If it doesn’t connect, try to switch on your data off and on. Launch any web browser and try opening a web page. Remember, it power all apps on your phone. You can also share connection via PDANet with your friends.


This data lasts for just 1 month.

Is the 9Mobile SocialPak capped with TLS Tunnel

Yes, it is capped at 2.5GB monthly. This is better than your normal plan where you get 500MB for N350.

Is this Connection Stable?

The connection is great as there are no issues of speed throttling so far.

If you have any question, drop your comments and I will try to respond asap to every question. Don’t forget to share with your friends, they need it



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