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Download TLS Tunnel VPN App APK

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Do you know you can browse for free if you download TLS Tunnel APK on your device applying some setting. The connection customizatable VPN app is very easy to use and works for 9Mobile free browsing at the moment.

Remember we already have the 2.5GB 9Mobile SocialPak cheat which works well but if you are not able to afford the requirement (N350) monthly then you can hop on this or checkout all freebrowsing cheats currently trending in Nigeria and other parts of the Africa.

Of course HTTP Injector have been available for a long time now which is arguably the best, but you can use TLS Tunnel as an alternative tunneling app for your Android device and enjoyable free browsing with any network provided there’s a setting/loophole.

So a little gist on TLS Tunnel and what you need to know about the VPN apps which works for free browsing mainly.

What is TLS Tunnel?

Just like other tunnelling apps, you can use this to change your IP address as it uses a simple protocol dubbed TLSVPN generating special IP addresses for each individual/user. Users of TLS Tunnel can communicate if they are on the same server; the service is optional anyways.

TLS v1.3 protects all traffic generated between the client and the server. Every user  has a specific ID generated by the application through the help of your Android device.

Interestingly, you can import/export config files for 9mobile free browsing with TLS VPN, mtn free browsing or any internet trick accessible. It is similar to HTTP Injector and other VPN apps which requests storage permission for import and export of files.

import export tls config file

The import/export feature makes this TLS Tunnel VPN very easy for use; no need going through the stress of creating your own settings, you can just get a config file and import to start enjoying anonymous browsing.

When you download TLS Tunnel VPN you get access to websites, content that are restricted in your location, your privacy is protected as well. TCP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP connection protocol is possible on this tunnelling app for android.

Highlights of TLS TUNNEL VPN

  1. Identification ID
  2. Server status
  3. Import Config files
  4. Lock exported Config files
  5. Simple user interface
  6. IP changer
  7. Traffic connection protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP.
  8. Telegram direct connection.
  9. Unblock restricted web pages or apps
  10. Powers all apps
  11. Minimal battery draining
  12. Create and customize config files
  13. Export Config files
  14. Unlock free browsing cheats for any network
  15. Connection is fast
  16. No SHH account needed
  17. Secured browsing
  18. No disconnection issues once network is stable
  19. Anonymous browsing

TLS Tunnel Apk details

These are exact Playstore data

  • Name: TLS Tunnel – free VPN for injection
  • Version;
  • App Size: 10.70mb
  • Category: Tools, VPN
  • Developer: EduardoTLS
  • Last Update: December 28, 2019
  • Downloads: I million+
  • Platform: Android 4.1 and above
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Pricing: Free

How to Make TLS Tunnel VPN Work?

After you download TSL VPN from the above, get a working config file that has been confirmed and try out accessing the internet for free. Like I mentioned earlier, the VPN app has capability to give you access for free.

Does this VPN App work for All Network Free Browsing?

Actually yes, if there is a working config file for that particular network carrier.

Is TLS Tunnel VPN Secure?

The VPN app is secure but we recommend you don’t put your trust in it since it’s not premium and the main purpose is just for tunnelling.

Stay tuned for other free browsing cheats as we may employ the use of this VPN app as time goes on.


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