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How to Bypass OperaMini free 50MB for Unlimited Browsing

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Operamini is giving out free 50MB to users so they can make use of the browser and their services. This freebie sponsored by Paycom NG works on Operanews, Opera Browser, Opay, and other apps and today you will see how to bypass operamini 50mb daily data on your Android device.

This works for MTN and Airtel smartphone users. There is no need for use of VPN Apps or any form of tweaking. For this reason, the data can’t power all applications on your phone but you can use the operamini browser to access web contains and stay updated with the latest happens with Operanews.

The Operamini 50mb limit bypassing is quite easy and you shouldn’t worry even if you are a novice, you should be able to go about the procedures and enjoy your free browsing without paying a dime on a daily basis. Maybe some other time, we talk about how to power all apps with Operamini 50MB data (bypassed).

How to bypass Operamini 50MB

Basically, this data is just allocated to you to get access to contents on the Operamini apps and it is really working well because a lot of smartphone users are now using Opera for free access to contents daily. We know Chrome is the most used web browser for Android and with this, in Nigeria it could increase the daily users by a good percentage.

So in order to bypass Operamini 50mb you have to carry out the procedures below. There are actually two methods here, so you go with which works best for you and enjoy unlimited browsing on MTN and Airtel on a daily basis.

  1. Launch the Operamini or OperaNews app
  2. You should see a pop up, prompting you to accept the free 50mb opera free browsing. Now Tab I’m in
  3. Try browsing until the 50MB allocated to you gets exhausted
  4. Go to settings>>Apps>>Opera Mini>>Storage. Clear cache and data for Operamini
  5. Launch Operamini again and the pop up message for the free 50MB should reappear.
  6. Continue clearing opera app cache and data to enjoy more once the 50MB gets exhausted.

Interestingly, at the moment, there is no limit, do just keep enjoying as long as it lasts. You can also apply the above method for apps like Operanews if you love news or gossips.

Method 2: How to Bypass Operamini daily 50MB

This method is easy as well; this time we are employing the use of Developer option which I think a lot of Android users know of. This method is a one time activation process unlike the first where you have to go back to clearing app cache and data regularly.

  1. Go to settings>>Developer options
  2. Toggle on “don’t keep activities” for Android device. What this means is that when you exit an app, all the activities on the app gets wiped and restarts all over again. So in other words, it refreshes your 50MB after you exit and open Operaminibypass-operamini-50mb
  3. Exhaust the 50MB data
  4. Exit and Open Opera again, you should get the Free opera mini 50MB data
  5. Congratulations, you have bypassed the 50MB successfully.
  6. As you can see the process is very basic and you can activate it only on Android.

Can the data be shared via Hotspot?

Yes, you can share your 50mb opera bypassed data via hotspot but can only be used on Operamini, OperaNews, Opay.

I will recommend you try out the first method because of the technicalities involved in the second method of activation.

So you have two options, if you encounter problems, you can use the comment section.


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