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Download GBWhatsapp Pro v9.95 APK to Spy Chats

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GBWhatsapp Pro for Android has been updated v9.95 with improvements and additions according to official Google Playstore Whatsapp Official update.

With GBWhatsapp Pro, you can run multiple accounts, make use of loads of privacy features as well as saving Whatsapp statuses amongst other features.

Do you know? With Whatsapp Pro v9.95, you can spy on other Whatsapp users’ Account? Maybe a friend of yours or a cheating partner.

Whatsapp Pro was developed SAM with a lovely user interface and easy to use. Since it spies on other people’s chats, many may feel their privacy isn’t guaranteed as well right? Well, if you have thoughts like that, you can make use of it as a second account and not your main.

Download GBWhatsapp Pro v9.95

The Android mod app has been accessible for quite some time now but not that popular. Like we know, tons of Whatsapp mods are out there; you can only get to know new mods when you read online or when they are published on blogs.

Asides the privacy and spying tricks, you can view a deleted message, delete status and even select a theme for use. These mods are really flexible and can be tweaked with the available settings to your taste.

Features of GBWhatsapp Pro v9.95

  1. Base update play store 2.19.360
  2. All from previous gbwapro versions
  3. Message Scheduler
  4. Auto Reply
  5. Send a message to unsaved number may be availed by Longpressing New chat icon
  6. Custom color for Status background is also added and may be availed by Long pressing “T” and color tray in-text status screen
  7. Insta like stories under option GBPro Setting> Home >Header>Homelayout
  8. Invisible feature under option GBPro Setting > Universal > Style (Look and feel) > Launcher icons.
  9. App convert feature under option GBPro Setting > Universal > Style (Look and feel) > Launcher icons

From the above features, you can see the message scheduler, autoresponder just like Whatsapp business and Facebook bots. You can send messages to a number not saved to your phone


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