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Ntel Free Browsing Settings with YourFreedom 2020

ntel free browsing settings
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Ntel is arguably the best 4G provider in Nigeria at the moment offering fast internet in major cities of the country. If you stay in Abuja, Lagos, PH and other locations where Ntel 4G is accessible, you can try the Ntel free browsing settings which is unlimited.

You can Browse, Download, and stream any content online using Yourfreedom VPN on Android. The ntel free browsing cheat works well if you have a very good internet connection in your locality.nte

Be informed that this is not officially from Ntel as it is a loophole that is expected to be discovered and blocked at any time; utilize it properly until the bug gets fixed from their end.

The 9Mobile free browsing tweak using TLS tunnel still works fine but for those that prefer 0.0k browsing especially when it is unlimited and over 4G.

Requirements for Ntel Free Browsing Settings

  • An Android Device
  • Ntel SIM Card
  • Config
  • YourFreedom APK

Ntel Free Browsing Cheat Settings

Basically yourfreedom is a tunneling app that has been in existence for more than 6 years now. For those that started using Android phones and tweaks many years ago, you should know this Your freedom VPN app. Although issues like slow connectivity are always associated with the tunneling app but with Ntel 4G, it will be better.

I will also reveal how you can make it much faster on Ntel for those that will experience slow internet connection and browse, download for free.

  • Go to your-freedom.netyourfreedom-signup
  • Create an account and subscribe to a premium plan which is around $2 (N720). Payment via PayPalZ
  • If you have paid, log in via Configure>>Account Information
  • For those that may not be able to afford a premium account, you can just go on with the free account but it may be very slow.
  • Now open Yourfreedom APK and click on Configure>>Backup/Restore>>Load Config
  • Go back to the main pahe and hit the START CONNECTION button

Wait for 2-4mins for it to connect. You can share your connection via PDANet with your friends or other gadgets.

Works for you? Tell us how much you have consumed thus far using the ntel free browsing settings on your device; feel free to use the comment box.


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