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How to Browse on 9Mobile (Etisalat) with Airtime

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For those that want to browse with airtime on 9mobile due to excessive airtime or for whatever reason, then carefully read through this guide.

9Mobile is one of the best Telco companies in Nigeria especially when it comes to Internet coverage. Their internet coverage in many cities here in Nigeria is awesome; this is aided customer increase in recent years.

It is very possible to browse with your airtime as 9Mobile which is formerly known as etisalat now gives users access to the internet using their airtime with the Pay As you Go Service.

Browse with 9Mobile Airtime

Before I rush into the details of activation, it is important I brief you as regards to the Pay as you go service (PAYG)

With the PAYG, you don’t need to subscribe to data plans of any kind, you just switch on your data and you are charged from your airtime balance. This can be good and sometimes not funny depending on your reasons for using this option.

On PAYG, you browse N15 for 5mins according to 9Mobile, so for a recharge of N100, you browse for about 35mins or less If I am correct.

You like it, so quickly, let me brief you on how you can activate the 9mobile payg service on any phone be like internet-enabled or not.

How to Browse with Airtime on 9Mobile

There are two methods of activation; all easy anyways but recharge your device with at least N100 airtime before opting in for this service.

  • Dial *229*5*7# to browse 15mins/N5
  • Or send YES to 131 and you should browse with your airtime on 9Mobile.

Like I stated earlier, this can be good or not good depending on the situation you bring it into use.

How to Stop Browsing with Airtime on 9Mobile

For things like this, deactivation procedures must be provided because in most cases, the PAYG service is used once in a while. So to stop browsing your airtime on 9Mobile

  • Simply dial *229*0# to opt out of 9mobile PAYG
  • Your internet charges will now be from your data bundle.

That should work fine. Once you opt-out, you are out forever unless you reactivate this service.

9Mobile Deducts my Airtime? How to Stop It

Some of you may be here because of illegal deduction or as a result of something you carried out which caused consistent deduction in your airtime. The 9Mobile PAYG service is one among many reasons; I recommend you carry out the above and if the problem persists

  • Call your customer care agent by dialing 200.
  • You can also send them a message via email care@9mobile.com.ng

How to Cancel All Subscriptions on 9Mobile?

Have you subscribed to a service you don’t want?

  • Simply dial *229*0# (Cancel data plans)
  • Dial *251*2#. (Opt-out of Ringback tune service)
  • Dial 200 and speak to your customer care representative

The above are just a few out of many, but it is better you speak yo customer so they can easily identify the problem and remove you from the plan or service.

Final Words

The tutorial above should work very well for you also it will be updated from time to time with the latest deactivation and activation methods. You’ve got any questions or contributions?

Kindly use the comment section, it is all yours.


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