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Download Foaud Whatsapp v8.35 for Android

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Foaud Whatsapp v8.35 has just been released a few days after the v8.31 update was revealed; this update received loads of criticism because it had loads of bugs which I believed triggered this update.

Remember, Foaud Whatsapp is one of the best Whatsapp mods and comes for free. It can be customized/tweaked to your taste. The features found on Foaud Whatsapp v8.35 is cool. This update comes with bug fixes and a few improvements.

You can run multiple Whatsapp accounts on your phone with the help of other WhatsApp mods like YoWhatsapp, AZWhatsapp, and GBWhatsapp Plus. These mods are lovely and come with similar features. Maybe the difference in the user interface, but most features are similar.

Some features of Foaud Whatsapp v8.35

Foaud Whatsapp helps you customize your chat home screen to Instagram like or Telegram like. You can use the apple bubble, in fact there’s a lot you will discover when you download and explore the Conversation, Home, and Universal setting menus. The privacy settings too are great. You can set up privacy settings per contact. You hide your last seen and many more mentioned below.

  • Change tick styles and app launch icon (lot of options)
  • Filters for Images and Videos
  • Material UI with Special Calling UI
  • Font Style Change with Font Preview
  • Send any file type
  • Install external themes from file manager (XML)

Changelog for Foaud Whatsapp v8.35

  • WA Base Update: Latest 2.20.123 build.
  • Swipe chat row in the home screen to use Quick Actions.
  • Now use the New WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock UI.
  • Option: Use the Phone’s system emoji variant.
  • Reduced FouadWA APK size: Now it is 33 MB.
  • Exclusive feature: Turn on to send a 5-min status/story.
  • Increased Forward limit to 250 instead of 5.
  • New: Time increased to delete a message as “Delete for everyone” to 100 days!
  • Fixed: “Mark as Seen” of status/story.
  • Exclusive: Click to Mark Status as Viewed.
  • Added: Go to First Message in Chats.
  • Fixed: Themes do not install/apply in Android 10.
  • Solved: Live Location crash and other bugs on preview version.
  • WhatsApp Dark Mode is now available.
  • Added: An option to clear WA database backups.
  • Update: more Anti-BAN.
  • Other reported bugs are now fixed with new app improvement

App Info

Where to Download Foaud Whatsapp v8.35

Have you downloaded Foaud Whatsapp v8.35? What do you think about the recent update. We hope your bugs are fixed alread?




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