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My Airtel App Free 1GB for iOS and Android is Back! Activate

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My Airtel Africa is the latest release from Airtel, with this app, you can access every detail about your SIM Card, which is account information, balance inquiry, recharging, tariff plan migration amongst others.

My Airtel Africa is available for Android and iOS users. In the midst of this Coronovirus crisis, Airtel decided to help gift you free 1GB data as a reward when you download MyAirtel App; that could cure some hours of boredom for those that may be lacking internet bundle or even give a boost to your old plan.


Also, remember MTN is gifting 10 free SMS for one month which means you get to enjoy about 300 free SMS in a month. At the moment, the free SMS offer is just valid for a month. You can jump on it if you enjoy texting.

To add to the few things I have said about My Airtel Africa, you can transfer data and airtime to another airtel number via the platform. Sounds great right? Well, there’s a lot you will discover after downloading the MyAirtel.

Where to Download My Airtel App

How to Get Airtel App Free 1GB

This reward is accessible by all Airtel users so long you use a smartphone (Android and iOS). So quickly get your Airtel SIM and phone ready. Below are step by step guide to activating your free 1GB data when you download MY Airtel App.

  1. Download My Airtel App from Google Play Store or the Apple Store
  2. Make sure your Airtel SIM is inside the phone you using for activation.
  3. Now Input your Phone number and wait for OTP
  4. When your OTP arrives, it automatically verifies and you should be registered.
  5. Just wait for some minutes, your Free 1GB will appear.

How to Accumulate Airtel App Free 1GB

This will be really complicated; this is because you can only get the 1GB free data once on a SIM Card. But I have a method that works, just application of common sense though, nothing special.

After you have exhausted free 1GB, go to settings>>app>>My Airtel App>>Clear App Cache. After you are done with that, insert another Airtel SIM that hasn’t been used for activation before. You should get another 1GB free after the same process of activation you used for your first trial.

How to Check the Data Balance

my-airtel africa-free-1gb-data-balance

To check data balance, dial *140 to check your data balance.

Free 1GB Data Validity

The data lasts for just 7days

How to Fix Unable to Connect To servers?

The OTP verification can be stressful atimes due to the number of users on the app. If you get an error message likeĀ unable to connect to servers then you have a wait for some minutes and try again. It will definitely work.

In some cases, it may be because the SIM you want to use for activation is not on your smartphone, make sure it is inside the phone to aid fast verification.

That is that, please endeavour to carry out every step carefully. For those that may experience any form of hitch, kindly use the comment section as I will try to provide a solution. Enjoy!


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