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Download Real Football 2021 (RF 21) APK Mod Offline HD

real football 2021 apk mod
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Lovers of soccer games, I bring to you another wonderful game for Android dubbed Real Football 2021 apk mod which is now available for download.

RF 2021 apk just like PES 2021 for PPSSPP boasts of the latest players, kits, stadiums, and the updated squad and players’ ability. The first-ever edition of Real Football was launched in the year 2000. Gameloft has been developing and improving the game for close to 19years.

Interestingly, Real Football 2020 is an improved version from the previous RF19 (Real Football 2019). The game is around 100MB size although with graphics cant be contrasted with the likes of FTS 2021 and other heavy soccer games.

Real Football 2021 APK Mod

real football 2021 apk mod

Real Football 2021 apk mod has various features which of course many Android soccer game lovers will love, over the years it has been from games like Pes, FTS, Dream League soccer; maybe because Gameloft isn’t really serious about the development of mobile games anymore.

It is good to know that real football features a lot of players ranging from their respective countries to their clubs. The latest transfers and stadiums are well and meaning well upgraded for soccer game lovers. If you want the real football mod, you can also get it here.

Now Real Football 2021 apk mod is honestly one legit game, I have tried it out and proves to be one of the best soccer games for Android, the players’ names are real and features a couple of competitions, cups, and leagues. The commentary is cool as well and the graphics are okay although not compared to the like of FIFA for Android and PC.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 and FIFA 2020 have gone a long way with improvements that notwithstanding, a lot of visitors here today want the real football 2020 apk mod. That’s definitely because there is something special about the game you really love.

When setting up Real Football for Android, you don’t have to tweak or have any skill, it’s just the normal way of setting up android games. Although there are different ways of setting up Android games, some come without OBB and some games are played using Emulators; such as Gloud for PS34 and PC games and PPSSPP for PSP games.

real football 2021 apk mod download

RF2021 is a light game for Android as it doesn’t consume your space. It is compatible with a good number of android phones as well and supports only Android. I mentioned earlier that the graphics are quite cool; even with that your space isn’t really occupied with the features. It is indeed light and good for low-end smartphones to high-end Android smartphones.

The FIFA World Cup was included in the list of competitions in this game. It also has the Copa America, Euros, AFCON and many more. All you have to do is win matches. It also comes with a lot of teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern, Juventus etc.

Furthermore, this game is an offline game; you shouldn’t be worried about using your data to play Real Football.

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Features of Real Football 2021

  1. Real player names on Jersey
  2. Real country names
  3. Real country logo
  4. Improved match commentary
  5. Training section
  6. Different continental and national tournaments included
  7. Referees can be seen on the pitch ditching out their duties
  8. Players can be injured
  9. Players can be substituted
  10. Score highest goals in a tournament with one player and win golden boot at the end
  11. Win many matches and be crowned champion
  12. Use game radar for better team mate view
  13. Set your preferred team tactics and team formation to achieve better results
  14. Change team jerseys
  15. It’s an offline game
  16. It’s free to play
  17. … And lots more

Other Features of Real Football 2021

  • Updated Transfers: Of course, the transfer is updated and has the latest squad and squad abilities. The likes of Real Madrid feature recent players such as Eden Hazard, Pepe, Rodrigo, and many more. Barcelona and Juventus also have the latest transfers both incoming and outgoing. You don’t have to go through the stress of transferring players from one club to another as everything has been made readily available in this recent edition of the game.
  • Stadiums: They have different stadiums too, not sure how many but there are some stadiums with different types of pitches which I am sure you will enjoy. Maybe because of the license they don’t have yet, they can’t use the real names of these stadiums or feature them but the stadiums available are great for us and should give a good vibe when playing the game.
  • Camera: The game camera is set at default WIDE and cannot be changed. Unlike other soccer games for Android, you can change the camera type to fit your screen or kind of eyes. If you don’t really like the camera you have already got, don’t worry, you will get used to it as time goes onreal football 2021
  • Players Ability: Players’ ability in games are very important especially the improvement of favorite players. Thing is if I play a game I expect the player’s ability to differ and when this is, the game is enjoyable. For example, players like Cristiano Ronaldo have great abilities from shot, to crosses, pace, psyche and heading. Players who improved last season have their abilities improved in the game as well.
  • Competitions: You can feature your team in the competitions made available to you by the game. All you just need to do is progress in the game and do really well by winning the competitions; at least that’s one of the aims of playing the game; dominating and showing what you have got.
  • Different Teams: You don’t have to worry, your favourite teams such as Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United, Chelsea are available for selection. The squad like I mentioned earlier is complete with different and updated player’s abilities. rf 2021

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Where to Download Real Football 2021

The files below are Real Football 2021 APK mod files and you are required to download and enjoy the game just as I have explained.

Please Uninstall the old version of Real Football 2021 Mod because you may see failed response like app not installed if you don’t do it. This is important

Real Football 2021 APK

Real Football 2021 OBB

Real Football 2021 Data File

How to Install RF21 Play

  • Unzip the Files
  • install the Real Football 2021 APk file
  • Move/Extract the OBB Folder to Android>>OBB
  • Also, move or extract the data file to Android>>Data
  • Fine the already installed RF2021.apk and launch
  • In Addition, RF21 allows you can select any language you wish so you can enjoy the game. The game will also be available on the official Android Store soon for those that have not seen it yet.

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Real Football 2021 apk mod for Android isn’t really up to standards but it’s a cool game if you have been a fan of the game from the days of Java (jar) phones. It was a great game then. Even with a tiny screen, no commentary we enjoyed the wonderful game of soccer on our phones. Meanwhile, this is an upgrade with a wider screen, better controls, and improved graphics, you should have a better feel of RF2021 apk mod from now on.

This post will be updated depending on the request we receive from our viewers, for those that requested for the RF2021 apk mod, it will be updated once available. Although the main version comes with virtually everything you need and you should enjoy the game for sure.

Happy gaming!



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