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Confirmed!!! How to Get 48GB On MTN App – iOS, Android

mtn app 48gb
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Recently I came across a screenshot of 48GB data which was on my mtn app, of course, I knew that wasn’t a data plan as it was placed in the bonus category. Long gist short, the MTN app has been dishing out up to 48GB data via a loophole which I will talk about.

This time around, iOS users and Android users can enjoy the MTN Data cheat 2020. In fact it can be used on any internet-enabled device like Routers, MiFi, modems, and so on; no need for VPN apps, tweaking or the introduction of third-party apps to make this work. Using the MTN app 48GB cheat gives you a normal internet speed as every other data plan.

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It works for MTN 4G and 3G SIM cards, so if you haven’t upgrade your mtn sim you have no worry. So quickly, without wasting much time, below is how you can activate this.

mtn app 48gb


  1. An MTN SIM
  2. Strong 3G or 4G Internet Connection
  3. An Internet-Enabled device

How to Activate MTN App 48GB Cheat

  1. Get a New SIM that hasn’t been registered on my MTN App
  2. I am sure you already have your personal SIM which is already registered on My MTN App
  3. Now Invite the number in step 1 to myMTN app – Menu>>Free Data
  4. A page will display where you can invite new numbers. Now input the number that hasn’t been registered on my mtn app before
  5. Now log out and log in with the new number you just invited to MTN app
  6. Request for OTP to login. Once logged in, be very careful around here
  7. You will see two options namely; activate free 500MB data, remind me later
  9. Now hit the back button on your phone
  10. Repeat it continuously ( click on remind me Later and click on for your phone back Button) to accumulate the data till it reaches 48GB.

As you can see from the above, I tried to simplify the whole process for better understanding which I believe even a novice can go about this without stress. But if you experience any problems still, kindly use the comment section and it will be attended to.

Please Note that This post is for educational use only. You are responsible for how you use it. We only drop this to notify Internet Service Providers of their flaws in the system


The data lasts for just 24hrs. So if you have heavy files to download, do that asap

Like I mentioned earlier, the MTN app 48GB works perfectly on Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc pretty sure you are browsing with mtn free data at the moment. Enjoy and don’t forget to share.


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